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5 Open source Force.com projects for Admins and Developers

I’ve previously mentioned the growing popularity of Force.com projects on github and I wanted to call out a few that are likely to be interesting to most developers out there.

Infinite Scroll

Infinite scroll has been a popular concept on the web for a while now, and is a neat alternative to pagination in some cases. This Force.com project allows you to add the infinite scroll capability to your Visualforce pages by dropping the required components into your project.


Stratosource is an incredible project that aims to be your one-stop-shop for backup, source control and release management on Force.com.


Milestones is has been around for a good while now and is an incredibly competent project management tool from Force.com Labs.

Find Nearby

Another great application from Force.com Labs, this one (in it’s current form) allows you to find and map Accounts, Contacts and Leads within a certain area.

Automated Testing for Force.com

Getting fully featured Continuous Integration up and running can be complicated. Automated Testing for Force.com gives you many of the features of CI, but in an easy to install and configure package!

If there are any other great open source projects out there that you’ve found useful I’d love to hear about them too.

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Large data volumes and the Force.com Data Architecture

A few weeks back I shared a salesforce.com whitepaper that gives the high-level details of the architecture underlying the Force.com platform. For those looking to learn more about the database underpinning the platform you can find even more information in another whitepaper titled “Best Practices for Deployments with Large Data Volumes” [PDF, 629KB]. As someone who does a fair amount of writing I can confidently say this is one of the best salesforce.com whitepapers I’ve ever read. The content is great but the format is what makes it.

The Virtual Database Structure

The Virtual Database Structure

The primary purpose of the document is to give architects the options and approaches when dealing with orgs that have, or will have – you guessed it – large amounts of data. As a byproduct though it ends up revealing information about the virtual database shared by all tenants. Salesforce.com has literally built a database within a database (databasception?!) with its own optimising features such as divisions, virtual indexes and skinny tables!

In short, if you ever have to deal with large amounts of data on the Force.com platform, or if you’re just the inquisitive type, I bet you’ll learn at least one new thing from this great whitepaper!

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Tech Teardown @ the Salesforce Dev Meetup

Last night I attended the (newly re-named) London Salesforce Developers meetup at the very cool 10Gen offices near Old Street.

For anyone thinking that a developer meet up is a daunting experience which is only for the select elite who will shun the newbies – think again… As a fairly green developer, I found myself getting advice from certified technical architects who were more than willing to help me understand the platform and how I could learn more.

This could only have been done in the friendly vibe that the London salesforce developer group provides – no egos, just loads of cool, like-minded people talking about work they are proud of (along with free beer and pizza).

My highlights were:

  1. Hearing what the community is excited about
    The open panel gave some real insight into what every one is getting excited about after Dreamforce 12. Mobile is very much the talk of the town.

  2. Salesforce Celebrities
    I found myself getting a little starstruck meeting a few of the major Salesforce community celebs, like @Petercoffee and @bob_buzzard, and hearing what they had to say.

  3. Being inspired
    Hearing from the panel that getting into mobile development is not a scary thing got me inspired to go home, fire up Xcode and start going through GitHub for some projects.

If you’re a Salesforce developer – or interested in what it’s all about – I highly recommend coming along to the next one!

See more about the London Salesforce Developers group on Meetup.com

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The rise of the Force.com Platform

“The Force.com Platform is growing.”

For anyone in enterprise development this is an obvious statement, what might not be so obvious is why it’s growing. Or how the heck it’s growing at such a frenetic pace. There are some great, recent articles out there that postulate on this point. “Great vision” they say, or “Great execution”. Of course these things are true, salesforce.com is unique in its sales, marketing, vision and execution putting it leagues ahead of others, but I think that there is a greater factor that eclipses all other points.

If a developer doesn’t care for your platform and platform tools then you won’t have anyone to deliver, a dead-end that many companies have found the hard way. But with the Force.com Platform – for the first time in the history of the world (I’m taking liberties) – enterprise software development is cool. And not just a little bit cool either, we’re talking jQuery-Ruby-zomgHowCuteIsThatCat cool.

But don’t take my word for it. Go out there and ask the community, or even better just look at the Apex page on github.

Apex on Github

Apex on Github

69th position might not seem all that good but let’s see where ABAP (SAP-proprietary language) is featured in the list, hmmm. Oh it’s not, what a surprise. The exact ranking is not that important though (it’s was in 70th position 1 week ago so it’s climbing folks!), what is important is that a very young, proprietary programming language has seen wide enough adoption to gain its own category on github at all, and that the open source community is building with it!

Developers drive the state of the Internet, they’re the people who see new trends emerging ahead of others and are typically the early adopters that determine whether a technology makes it to the business-viable stage. The developers of the enterprise world have given the Force.com Platform their blessing, a rare and powerful thing, and salesforce.com is now reaping the incredible benefits.

If you’d like get a great overview of the platform capabilities the VP of Dev Relations will be in London next week and he’s talking about the platform at a free public event that you’re all invited to!

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London Force.com Meetup featuring VP of Developer Relations, Adam Seligman

Adam Seligman giving a BOSS of a talk.

There’s only a week and a half to go until the next London Force.com Meetup where we’ll be discussing some of the great technology we’ve seen or heard about at Dreamforce 2012. This year was a whopper of an event so be sure to RSVP and remember that developers, admins and all other Force.com-ites are welcome!

As an added bonus we’ll have the VP of Developer Relations for Force.com and Heroku at the event to give a short talk about his great passion for both platforms. Registering for the event is super simple, and the event detail are:

Headline: Teardown of what happened at DFX and a special guest from salesforce.com!

Date and time: Wed Oct 10 at 6:45 PM

Location: 116-120 Goswell Road London, EC1V 7DP, London

RSVP link

Hope to see you there!

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Meet Jane Forrester, our Head of the Project Management Office.

Jane joined Tquila in February 2012. When she’s not making sure all our Developers are working hard for our clients and refining our processes she is training to run a half marathon!

Here’s what Jane has to say about her role at Tquila:

What I do
“I manage our (growing) pool of resources – Salesforce Developers and Consultants – to make sure we have the right people on the right projects so that we meet our clients’ expectations. I also manage our project management standards and processes. Quite a lot to keep me busy – especially as we are growing so fast!”

Why I love my job

“No day is the same here and there are always new challenges which keeps my job interesting.”

Why I love Tquila

“Tquila is a great place to work because it’s full of passionate, energetic people. Everyone loves their job and takes it seriously, but they are also fun to work with and always willing to help. I love that we are fast paced and dynamic, which makes working here really exciting!”

Want to be part of this? Check out our current roles or send your CV to careers@tquila.com

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The All New Salesforce.com AppExchange


The AppExchange launched in 2005 as the “iTunes of Business Apps” on the Force.com platform, and after a slow start has enjoyed a geometrically increasing amount of popularity. This is not only evident in the number of providers and apps, but also in the number of apps installed – over a million app installs last year and around 1.5 million so far this year.

More recently salesforce.com has refreshed the AppExchange and we at Tquila believe a number of the changes will bolster salesforce.com’s position as a market leader. A few important changes that we’ve noticed are:

  1. An emphasis on images as is the ever-growing trend on most of the internet. A picture is worth a thousands words and is incredibly engaging so make sure that you’ve got a great logo and your images are top-notch.
  2. Social media sharing is more obvious.
  3. The site design has been brought up-to-date giving clients more confidence that your cutting edge solution really is cutting edge!
  4. More categories and search options but not so many that they’re overwhelming.
  5. It looks awesome on mobile devices!

These are some of our favourite features, what are some of yours?

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Meet the Tquila team: Zaidy Ramirez

This is the second in a series of posts that will introduce you to members of the Tquila team.

Meet Zaidy Ramirez, one of our technical consultants.

Zaidy joined Tquila in November 2010. When she’s not working her magic with Salesforce – as both a developer and consultant – she loves salsa dancing and making exotic cocktails.

Here’s what Zaidy has to say about her role at Tquila:

What I do
“I develop applications on Salesforce and Force.com, using technologies like Apex, SOQL, SOSL and Visualforce.”

Why I love my job
“I love my job because it allows me to get involved in a wide variety of projects. As I progress in my career, each new project gives me a fresh perspective on the development life cycle.

I also get to know new professionals who share their expertise, and allow me to improve my skills every day. And I learn more about the countries where our clients are based – I love travelling!”

Why I love Tquila
“I love working at Tquila because it has a great work environment. Everyone is eager to help and teach – we always take time to help each other out, whether we’re working on the same projects or not.”

Want to know more? Follow Zaidy on Twitter!

Ready to join Tquila?
Check out our current roles, or send your CV direct to careers@tquila.com.

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Meet the Tquila team: KC Thiruchelvam

This is the first in a series of posts that will introduce you to members of the Tquila team.

Meet KC Thiruchelvam, one of our technical consultants.

KC joined Tquila in July 2011. When he’s not utilising his considerable expertise as both a developer and consultant, he’s an independent filmmaker.

Here’s what he has to say about his role at Tquila:

What I do
“As a technical consultant, I help clients implement the Force.com platform and associated web technologies.”

Why I love my job
“It’s rare to find a job that allows you to be fantastically creative while being constantly challenged.

Every day I come into work looking forward to learning something new, while at the same time knowing I’m making a real difference for our clients.”

Why I love Tquila
“The energy and passion within Tquila is extremely motivating.

It’s great to know I’m working with some of the most talented, intelligent, and supportive professionals in our industry. On top of this, everyone seems to be personally awesome too!”

Want to know more? Follow KC on Twitter.

Ready to join Tquila?
Check out our current roles, or send your CV direct to careers@tquila.com.

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Platform in Paris

A couple of our platform gurus travelled to Paris last week, to participate in a platform-focused half-day session hosted by salesforce.com.

At the event, we talked about two important parts of the Salesforce ecosystem that are at the heart of Tquila:

  • Heroku evangelist Vincent Spehner talked about the advantages of Heroku, and gave a demonstration of Formstorm (beta) – an exciting new way to build web-to-anything forms that integrates with Salesforce.

  • Force.com guru Christophe Vidal illustrated the power of Force.com as he told the story of HR New Media, a fast-growing business that has leveraged the platform to form the backbone of their business.

Couldn’t make it – or want to refresh your memory? View our presentation (in French) [PDF, 2MB]

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