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We’ve appointed a new CEO!

Alistair Wildman, CEO of TquilaWe don’t blog about it a lot, but the Tquila team is continuing to grow. Our hire is Alistair Wildman, who’s been appointed our new CEO!

Alistair was most recently salesforce.com’s UK SVP of Enterprise Sales – and we’re delighted to welcome him to the team. His experience and passion for driving business transformation through mobile and social innovation mean he’ll fit in nicely with the Tquila team!

Curious to find out more about Alistair? Follow him on Twitter: @alistairwildman

Our former CEO Paul Andrew will remain closely involved with us. He’s retaining his role as Chairman, and will continue to fly the Tquila flag for us around the world.

See the full press release on the Tquila Thoughts blog

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Dreamforce ’12 technical take-aways

Nic TassiniWhat an amazing week at Dreamforce X – with an awesome vibe and feature announcements. The Tquila team attended a lot of interesting sessions, but the developer keynote was the most mind-blowing for techies!

Here are my technical take-aways:

It’s now incredibly quick and easy to create hybrid and native mobile apps using Touch. A set of templates is already available – you just need to clone one and develop your idea. Everything’s set up for you already – even integration and authentication.

In addition, a completely new set of mobile VisualForce components is now available, enabling you to build mobile apps only using Force.com as the main platform. It’s easy to then reference these new pages into a native app cloned from a template.

Here’s everything you need to get started: http://developer.force.com/mobile

Don’t forget to download the free mobile development guide!

Definitely a game changer! At first glance it may seem that it’s just embedding an external application using the well-known iframe. But it’s not! You can embed your existing app and leverage an inbuilt integration layer, which enables you to understand who the logged-in user is, and to query Salesforce to fetch and update data. Everything is designed to be simple: just include a javascript library and go for it!

There are 2 key use cases for Canvas: retooling your old apps, and building next-generation social apps.

Inside the Canvas creation page you also have the option to create a new app hosted on Heroku, and choose between Java and Ruby templates. This example app will be the baseline for your development and it already includes the code for the integration with the logged-in user and Salesforce.

Another big shift! With this new feature you can log in to several different external services and platforms directly from a Salesforce tab through a SingleSignOn process.

Even better, while you’re working on your favourite SFDC app, you can be notified if another service has an update for you.

Identity can also be used as a SingleSignOn provider. The consumer world already has the Facebook ID – and with Identity, we can now think about using our Salesforce login as the sign-in source for social networks, custom applications, services and existing platforms.

Heroku Enterprise for Java
Absolutely one of my favourite announcements: you can finally leverage an enterprise offer on Heroku, where you can select your preferred stack, with OpenJDK 6, 7 or 8, Tomcat 7 as servlet container and Memcache to support distributed caching.

It’s now also possible to better manage the deployment process, adopting Atlassian Bamboo as a continuous integration server.

Last but not least, a brand new Eclipse IDE plugin has been launched, making app management easier. Import them, change the main information, browse logs and scale up and down… all directly from your IDE.

The enterprise package isn’t free, but it does give you premium support.

More info here: http://blog.heroku.com/archives/2012/9/19/announcing_heroku_enterprise_for_java/

There were lots more exciting announcements – like ChatterBox, which lets you store files in a trusted, secure, enterprise-grade storage system; Chatter Communities, which enhances customer communication though external community functionality; Work.com Cloud, which brings gamification to the office; and the Marketing Cloud, where the baseline is a mix of Radian6 and BuddyMedia.

Check out all the highlights on the Dreamforce YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/dreamforce

See you next year!

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Tquila’s test drives

We’ve already blogged about how much we love working with our client H. R. Owen.

One of our consultants – Carmine Barbuto, Technical Consultant and car enthusiast – is even more passionate about working with the UK’s pre-eminent luxury vehicle group.

So when he was invited to take a test drive in Stoke Poges a few months ago, Carmine didn’t just take a test drive. He didn’t just take a few photos.

No, Carmine shot a video!

(And if you think that’s cool, you should see him code!)

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Tips for candidates: How to join Tquila

If you follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook, you’ll know that we’re hiring.

Hiring is an important job at Tquila – we want the best and brightest people, but we’re also building a strong team who live and breathe our brand. It’s not enough to simply be the best – you also have to fit in with our rapidly expanding team.

Curious about what gets you hired? Read on to find out who our ideal candidates are:

  • Salesforce specialists
    Our business revolves around the Salesforce platform, and the majority of our open roles require on-platform experience.

    If you’re a star consultant, Apex guru or Heroku evangelist, we’d love to hear from you.

  • Professionals with personality
    We’re not hiring super-talented robots – we’re looking for both skills *and* personality.

    Don’t just demonstrate your expertise – show your passion for it! And while you’re at it, give us insight into who you are as a person.

  • Passionate people who want to build a company
    Tquila is a high-velocity start-up – we’re growing quickly, and everyone who joins the team helps us to grow the business.

    At Tquila you’re not a cog in a corporation – you’re a valued team member whose actions impact the future of the company.

Ready to join us? Check out our current roles, or send your CV direct to careers@tquila.com.

We look forward to welcoming you to the team!

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Press Release: Tquila Appoints Managing Director for Media & Communications Practice

Cross-posted from Thoughts from Tquila

Dejon Yeoman, MD of Tquila's Media & Communications PracticeEurope’s fastest-growing salesforce.com partner hires Dejon Yeoman to head up new practice serving the media & communications industry.

Tquila, a European salesforce.com platinum partner dedicated to building Social and Mobile Cloud Computing applications, has announced the appointment of Dejon Yeoman as Managing Director of the company’s Media & Communications practice.

Dejon joins Tquila from News International, where he was Technology Programmes Manager. He brings over 13 years’ experience in the CRM, marketing and technology space, and deep understanding of the media and communications industry.

In his new role with Tquila, Dejon will be responsible for ensuring client satisfaction and growth in the media and communications industry.

“Traditional consumer purchase models and consumption patterns are evolving at pace,” says Dejon.

“The Tquila team are skilled at harnessing technology and tools to enable media businesses to quickly transform into innovative, agile social enterprises.”

Tquila CEO Paul Andrew commented, “Our Media & Communications practice evolved rapidly as a result of our engagement with key clients like Global Radio, the Engine Group and Trinity Mirror.”

“We’re delighted to bring Dejon on board to lead the practice to even greater heights. His expertise, passion, and belief in the transformative power of the social enterprise ensure that our media clients will continue to receive the high level of service they have come to expect from Tquila.”

Just over a year old, Tquila is the fastest-growing salesforce.com partner in Europe, and has taken the industry by storm. With employees in 3 countries and having already achieved the coveted Platinum Partner status in both the UK and Germany in under 18 months, the company continues to execute on its audacious plans to build the new generation of enterprise applications.

“Our aggressive growth is a direct response to market demand,” says Paul.

“Our greatest challenge is continuing to find passionate, high-calibre candidates – like Dejon – at a rate that matches our growth.”

Stay in touch with what’s happening: Follow Tquila on Twitter

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Press Release: Tquila Achieves Platinum Partner Status, Continues Rapid Expansion in Europe

Cross-posted from Thoughts from Tquila

Tquila: Live Social | Work SocialTquila (www.tquila.com), a European salesforce.com partner dedicated to building Social and Mobile Cloud Computing applications, has joined an exclusive club after being awarded Platinum Partner status as part of the Salesforce Cloud Alliance Program. The fastest partner to reach this status in Europe, the company is also a key sponsor of Cloudforce London this week – one of the largest Cloud Computing events in the world, with over 15,000 registered attendees.

Just over a year old and with ambitions to become the European salesforce.com partner of choice for forward-thinking enterprises, Tquila’s new Platinum Partner status signifies deep confidence in both its commitment to excellence and Salesforce certification, and also its status as a disruptor and innovator in the cloud applications space.

“We may be the ‘new kid on the block’, but Tquila is defining what it means to provide transformative, inherently social enterprise applications in the cloud,” says Tquila CEO, Paul Andrew. “We’re passionate about developing innovative, social and mobile applications that engage users, enhance collaboration and drive adoption.”

“The social landscape is constantly changing. People are now accustomed to beautiful, usable, powerful applications in their personal lives,” adds Andrew. “The next generation of Fortune 500 companies will be those who adapt to take advantage of such applications and changing expectations, and who embrace the socialisation of workflow in the cloud.”

Cutting-edge technology and deep expertise is critical to Tquila’s approach. The company employs platforms like Force.com and Heroku to develop full-featured applications that enable businesses to listen, engage, and respond to their customers and colleagues faster, better and with more insight. At the heart of the company’s commitment to innovation is Tquila Labs, a hand-picked team of the industry’s leading lights, dedicated to exploring new ways of creating value using Salesforce technologies, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Tquila’s rapid, pan-European expansion has taken the industry by storm. With employees based in the UK, Germany and France, the company continues to execute on its aggressive hiring plan. On track to exceed 100 architects, developers and consultants during its initial 24 months, Tquila will continue its planned expansion into other high-growth markets.

“We closed a round of funding in the second half of 2011 to accelerate our rapid growth and expansion, and open additional offices in Europe,” says Andrew. “The demand for a new generation of Enterprise applications, and a new style of consulting to deliver them is clear. We are experiencing a surging appetite for our services throughout Europe and beyond, and are limited only by our ability to continue to hire high-calibre, smart and passionate people at a rate that matches our growth.”


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