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Life @ Tquila: The video

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In order of appearance: @tquila_wes, @eoin_tquila, @laura_tquila, @sarah_tquila, @tquila_kc, @tquila_becci, @jaysenmoita, @tquila_james & @wendfu!

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Tech Teardown @ the Salesforce Dev Meetup

Last night I attended the (newly re-named) London Salesforce Developers meetup at the very cool 10Gen offices near Old Street.

For anyone thinking that a developer meet up is a daunting experience which is only for the select elite who will shun the newbies – think again… As a fairly green developer, I found myself getting advice from certified technical architects who were more than willing to help me understand the platform and how I could learn more.

This could only have been done in the friendly vibe that the London salesforce developer group provides – no egos, just loads of cool, like-minded people talking about work they are proud of (along with free beer and pizza).

My highlights were:

  1. Hearing what the community is excited about
    The open panel gave some real insight into what every one is getting excited about after Dreamforce 12. Mobile is very much the talk of the town.

  2. Salesforce Celebrities
    I found myself getting a little starstruck meeting a few of the major Salesforce community celebs, like @Petercoffee and @bob_buzzard, and hearing what they had to say.

  3. Being inspired
    Hearing from the panel that getting into mobile development is not a scary thing got me inspired to go home, fire up Xcode and start going through GitHub for some projects.

If you’re a Salesforce developer – or interested in what it’s all about – I highly recommend coming along to the next one!

See more about the London Salesforce Developers group on Meetup.com

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Dreamforce ’12 technical take-aways

Nic TassiniWhat an amazing week at Dreamforce X – with an awesome vibe and feature announcements. The Tquila team attended a lot of interesting sessions, but the developer keynote was the most mind-blowing for techies!

Here are my technical take-aways:

It’s now incredibly quick and easy to create hybrid and native mobile apps using Touch. A set of templates is already available – you just need to clone one and develop your idea. Everything’s set up for you already – even integration and authentication.

In addition, a completely new set of mobile VisualForce components is now available, enabling you to build mobile apps only using Force.com as the main platform. It’s easy to then reference these new pages into a native app cloned from a template.

Here’s everything you need to get started: http://developer.force.com/mobile

Don’t forget to download the free mobile development guide!

Definitely a game changer! At first glance it may seem that it’s just embedding an external application using the well-known iframe. But it’s not! You can embed your existing app and leverage an inbuilt integration layer, which enables you to understand who the logged-in user is, and to query Salesforce to fetch and update data. Everything is designed to be simple: just include a javascript library and go for it!

There are 2 key use cases for Canvas: retooling your old apps, and building next-generation social apps.

Inside the Canvas creation page you also have the option to create a new app hosted on Heroku, and choose between Java and Ruby templates. This example app will be the baseline for your development and it already includes the code for the integration with the logged-in user and Salesforce.

Another big shift! With this new feature you can log in to several different external services and platforms directly from a Salesforce tab through a SingleSignOn process.

Even better, while you’re working on your favourite SFDC app, you can be notified if another service has an update for you.

Identity can also be used as a SingleSignOn provider. The consumer world already has the Facebook ID – and with Identity, we can now think about using our Salesforce login as the sign-in source for social networks, custom applications, services and existing platforms.

Heroku Enterprise for Java
Absolutely one of my favourite announcements: you can finally leverage an enterprise offer on Heroku, where you can select your preferred stack, with OpenJDK 6, 7 or 8, Tomcat 7 as servlet container and Memcache to support distributed caching.

It’s now also possible to better manage the deployment process, adopting Atlassian Bamboo as a continuous integration server.

Last but not least, a brand new Eclipse IDE plugin has been launched, making app management easier. Import them, change the main information, browse logs and scale up and down… all directly from your IDE.

The enterprise package isn’t free, but it does give you premium support.

More info here: http://blog.heroku.com/archives/2012/9/19/announcing_heroku_enterprise_for_java/

There were lots more exciting announcements – like ChatterBox, which lets you store files in a trusted, secure, enterprise-grade storage system; Chatter Communities, which enhances customer communication though external community functionality; Work.com Cloud, which brings gamification to the office; and the Marketing Cloud, where the baseline is a mix of Radian6 and BuddyMedia.

Check out all the highlights on the Dreamforce YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/dreamforce

See you next year!

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Are you attending Dreamforce 2012?

Becci & JT, Tquila's talent teamCalling all Salesforce professionals / experienced individuals attending Dreamforce 2012…

At Tquila, we’re sending part of our crack team to DFX in San Francisco. In particular, John Turner (JT), Tquila’s Chief Talent Officer will be available to speak with you about career opportunities at Tquila.

As we seek Technical Architects, Consultants and Developers, passionate about what they can deliver; why not secure some time with JT to discuss European Tquila office options?

We’ve grown quickly in the UK and Germany, and been recognised as a salesforce.com Platinum Partner in Europe, FASTER than any other partner before us.

If you’re interested in meeting with JT to discuss opportunities with Tquila please contact me (Becci Tait, becci AT tquila DOT com) and I can set something up for you in the San Fran sunshine!

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Meet the Tquila team: Zaidy Ramirez

This is the second in a series of posts that will introduce you to members of the Tquila team.

Meet Zaidy Ramirez, one of our technical consultants.

Zaidy joined Tquila in November 2010. When she’s not working her magic with Salesforce – as both a developer and consultant – she loves salsa dancing and making exotic cocktails.

Here’s what Zaidy has to say about her role at Tquila:

What I do
“I develop applications on Salesforce and Force.com, using technologies like Apex, SOQL, SOSL and Visualforce.”

Why I love my job
“I love my job because it allows me to get involved in a wide variety of projects. As I progress in my career, each new project gives me a fresh perspective on the development life cycle.

I also get to know new professionals who share their expertise, and allow me to improve my skills every day. And I learn more about the countries where our clients are based – I love travelling!”

Why I love Tquila
“I love working at Tquila because it has a great work environment. Everyone is eager to help and teach – we always take time to help each other out, whether we’re working on the same projects or not.”

Want to know more? Follow Zaidy on Twitter!

Ready to join Tquila?
Check out our current roles, or send your CV direct to careers@tquila.com.

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Meet the Tquila team: KC Thiruchelvam

This is the first in a series of posts that will introduce you to members of the Tquila team.

Meet KC Thiruchelvam, one of our technical consultants.

KC joined Tquila in July 2011. When he’s not utilising his considerable expertise as both a developer and consultant, he’s an independent filmmaker.

Here’s what he has to say about his role at Tquila:

What I do
“As a technical consultant, I help clients implement the Force.com platform and associated web technologies.”

Why I love my job
“It’s rare to find a job that allows you to be fantastically creative while being constantly challenged.

Every day I come into work looking forward to learning something new, while at the same time knowing I’m making a real difference for our clients.”

Why I love Tquila
“The energy and passion within Tquila is extremely motivating.

It’s great to know I’m working with some of the most talented, intelligent, and supportive professionals in our industry. On top of this, everyone seems to be personally awesome too!”

Want to know more? Follow KC on Twitter.

Ready to join Tquila?
Check out our current roles, or send your CV direct to careers@tquila.com.

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Tips for candidates: How to join Tquila

If you follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook, you’ll know that we’re hiring.

Hiring is an important job at Tquila – we want the best and brightest people, but we’re also building a strong team who live and breathe our brand. It’s not enough to simply be the best – you also have to fit in with our rapidly expanding team.

Curious about what gets you hired? Read on to find out who our ideal candidates are:

  • Salesforce specialists
    Our business revolves around the Salesforce platform, and the majority of our open roles require on-platform experience.

    If you’re a star consultant, Apex guru or Heroku evangelist, we’d love to hear from you.

  • Professionals with personality
    We’re not hiring super-talented robots – we’re looking for both skills *and* personality.

    Don’t just demonstrate your expertise – show your passion for it! And while you’re at it, give us insight into who you are as a person.

  • Passionate people who want to build a company
    Tquila is a high-velocity start-up – we’re growing quickly, and everyone who joins the team helps us to grow the business.

    At Tquila you’re not a cog in a corporation – you’re a valued team member whose actions impact the future of the company.

Ready to join us? Check out our current roles, or send your CV direct to careers@tquila.com.

We look forward to welcoming you to the team!

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First Ever UK Force.com Administrator & Developer Meetup

ObiWan JeffNobi

It took some time but finally the pieces have dropped into place and we’re ready for our first ever UK developer and administrator meetup. This first time around it’s going to be fairly casual, the reason is that I had to make it happen quickly because the esteemed Jeff Douglas will be in town and was itching to meet you all!

The agenda is yet to be confirmed, as of now there will be a few short talks followed by much networking (read beer & munchies). If you’d like to be one of the speakers (talks will be 5 – 15 minutes) please let me know and I’ll get in touch.

This first meetup is entirely sponsored by Tquila so I’ll be expecting a few high-5s in return on the day.

The details are:

19:00 on 23 June 2011

@ King Stores (Just outside Liverpool Street Station). Details & Directions

So if you’re a Force.com Developer or Admin, and would like to shake the hand of Jeff Douglas and get your copy of the Salesforce Handbook autographed that’s the place to be! If you are planning on attending please give us your name here as space is limited.

We are also going to have a more formal meetup at the SkillMatter offices on 2 August. This one will be sponsored by Salesforce.com. Anup Jadhav and I will be giving a talk titled “Team Development Strategies and Tools on the Force.com Platform“. Hope to see you there!

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