Large data volumes and the Data Architecture

A few weeks back I shared a whitepaper that gives the high-level details of the architecture underlying the platform. For those looking to learn more about the database underpinning the platform you can find even more information in another whitepaper titled “Best Practices for Deployments with Large Data Volumes” [PDF, 629KB]. As someone who does a fair amount of writing I can confidently say this is one of the best whitepapers I’ve ever read. The content is great but the format is what makes it.

The Virtual Database Structure

The Virtual Database Structure

The primary purpose of the document is to give architects the options and approaches when dealing with orgs that have, or will have – you guessed it – large amounts of data. As a byproduct though it ends up revealing information about the virtual database shared by all tenants. has literally built a database within a database (databasception?!) with its own optimising features such as divisions, virtual indexes and skinny tables!

In short, if you ever have to deal with large amounts of data on the platform, or if you’re just the inquisitive type, I bet you’ll learn at least one new thing from this great whitepaper!

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The end of Movember is nigh…

A few more thoughts on Movember from Tquila’s team captain, Simon Parker.

Well Movember is nearly at an end – how time flies. It’s been great taking this journey with colleagues, family and friends. Starting from the initial stubble of the first week, moving to the ‘it’s definitely starting to show’ phase and then the inevitable ‘Does it itch?’ and ‘Bet you can’t wait to get rid of it’ of the final week. Doing it as a team at Tquila has provided many a moment of conversations and jokes, as well as giving opportunities to raise the awareness of men’s health and the fantastic work done by the many charities supported through Movember fundraising. It’s also been a bonding activity – we’ve helped each other through the hard times, stood together in the face of (mostly female) colleagues’ ridicule and risen above it, emerging stronger and better for it.

OK, so it’s not like running a marathon, or climbing Mt Kilimanjaro – you just don’t bother shaving your upper lip for 30 days – but it takes commitment and dedication. You have to put up with itching, hairs in your mouth, food, beer and soup getting caught in it – don’t mention the porridge –  and the looks, the stares… but then now and again you catch the eye of a fellow Movember participant across a busy office, stroking their mo, or of a complete stranger on the platform waiting for a train, and with a grin and nod you acknowledge each other with mutual respect and admiration for the commitment – and it makes it all worthwhile.

Will I miss it when it’s gone? – no, not the mo, but I will miss the bond that joined us together for those 30 days. But the memories will remain… along with the stubble in the sink.

Haven’t got round to donating yet? That’s ok! You still have time, you can donate here!

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Sencha App with Salesforce API using a Sinatra Proxy

In my last article, I presented the Sencha Framework and some of the advantages this product has over other mobile solutions. Convinced that I had a wonderful tool in my hands I decided to create a simple app. The aim is to have an app with two tabs. The first with an intro page and the second with a list of leads retrieved through the Salesforce REST API. The list must be sorted and provide basic interaction by displaying additional details of a selected lead. As soon as you start playing with mobile applications and a remote API you have to face a common javascript limitation: the Same Origin Policy. You may like to read the Wikipedia article if you want to know more about that rule. Briefly, “The policy permits scripts running on pages originating from the same site to access each other’s methods and properties with no specific restrictions, but prevents access to most methods and properties across pages on different sites”. Said differently, your cute javascript mobile application hosted under domain _can not_ request any data from domain. Such a shame but imperative to keeping the web safer.

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Multi-Org vs Single-Org strategies

Tquila works with some of the largest enterprise companies in the world. Often we’re brought in to discuss architectural strategy whether this is before the first Salesforce project kicks off or some way down the line when they’re looking for some feedback on their current state.

A common question that comes up from our larger customers is the question as to whether they should have one or several Orgs, and I was in the process of creating a whitepaper when I noticed that has done this already!

I would however add one more line to their “Single Org versus Multiple SF Orgs Capability Matrix” which would be:

Capability Single Org Multiple SF Org Other Considerations
Development process & team organisation Complex if there are several delivery teams especially if release cycles differ. Simple if there is a single team on a single release schedule Simpler but may result in redundant code and libraries Both approaches need an enterprise architect but in slightly different coordination roles

Perhaps you have some lessons that you’d like added to the whitepaper too?

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Meet the Tquila Team: Alfredo Bianco

Meet Alfredo Bianco, Senior Salesforce Consultant. Alfredo joined Tquila in September 2011.

An avid table tennis player he recently dragged many of the team out to play some ping pong and show off his skills!

Here’s what Alfredo has to say about his role at Tquila:

What I do

“I implement business solutions using the platform. Mostly using declarative configuration but I also give myself the chance to ‘get my hands dirty’ and write little bits of Apex code.”

Why I love my job

“It’s incredibly rewarding to help clients bridge the gap between what they explain to you, what the business analyst describes, what marketing advertises and what they really needed from the start. Sometimes this journey leads you through turbulent waters but the final outcome and the clients satisfaction makes it worth it.”

Why I love Tquila

“It’s fun working amongst such smart people and with some great clients. The team come from all around the world with such diverse work and life experiences. It makes you interested in learning more and developing both personally and professionally.”

Want to be part of this? Check out our current roles or send your CV to

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It’s an interesting thing you know, a Mo…

Many of us spend a lot of time and money ensuring that we don’t look like an incredibly hairy animal most of the time. We shave and get haircuts regularly so that we always look our hair-free best. For 20 Tquila team members (and many more men across the globe) this has changed for the past 16 days. They are fighting hard against the urge to whip the razor out and shave off their Mo’s in order to raise money for Movember.

So far the Tquila team have raised an impressive £670! And they still have baby mo’s… Imagine what they can achieve with another two weeks of hair growth!

We still need your help – so please dig deep and give anything you can to support the Tquila team and this great cause. You can donate here!

Here are some of my favourite quotes from three of the team members so far…

Simon Parker – “I was at a client site on Monday, and when I pointed out the mo was for Movember, one lady said ‘Oh, I am glad you’re growing it for Movember, I was starting to get worried about you’ !!

Contrary to popular belief, I’m not after the ’70’s porn star look’ – it’s just the way it grows”.

Dave Hands – “Someone asked me if I was ‘doing that ‘move over’ thing?’. I laughed so much it almost changed the shape of my Mo forever!”.

Steve Aitkin –  “I was asked yesterday to ‘please move my truck as it’s blocking the entrance to the building’ “.

Don’t forget – if you donate to the Tquila Movember team you will be put in the draw to win some Tquila goodies!

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jQuery VS Backbone VS Ember VS Knockout VS Spine VS Batman VS exploding-brain

Todo MVCJavaScript is one of the most popular kids on the block these days, and with this rise in popularity has come a proliferation in frameworks and libraries to aid JS development. This leads to the (frequent) questions, which one is the best and in what particular situation(s)?

Thankfully Addy Osmani – JavaScript Hipster Overlord – has created a github project that demonstrates these differences through implementation. As you may or may not have noticed the unofficial way to showcase your JS framework is through the creation of a Todo/Task app and this particular project, called TodoMVC, aims to do just that for many of the popular JS MVC tools out. Where a single library on it’s own might not be the right architectural choice for this type of app e.g. jQuery, the apps have been created through combining JS libraries/frameworks.

So if you’re the kind of person that learns by working through examples then this is perfect for you!

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Week 2 in the Tquila-Movember House

We are one week into Movember and so far the Tquila team is growing strong. We have some clear leaders at the moment:

Simon – He’s a pro – we expected no less

Lorenzo – Taking very good care of his Mo – impressive

Olu – Questionable…

In another week’s time there are going to be some very enviable mo’s around, I’m sure of it. Now all they need to do is decide what style they will go for.

Remember, water is to grass what money is to mo’s… The more you give, the faster it grows!

Want to donate? Follow this link and donate to the Tquila team!

Stay tuned for more Movember updates! Follow us @tquiladotcom

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The Multitenant Architecture’s platform landscape is ever-growing, and I’m sure that many of you have often wondered how the heck they’ve devised an architecture capable of supporting it all. You might be surprised to know that this (perhaps slightly out-of-date e.g. the document states 47k+ orgs) information is available in the form of a whitepaper on the Developerforce website!

Not only does this give you insight into the architecture of their multitenant platform but it becomes clear very quickly why the platforms works in the way that it does e.g. why use metadata or governor limits.

It is a heavy read but at 15-pages long it won’t take too long, and for anyone using the platform day-in-day-out it’ll give you a new-found appreciation for the tools you use.

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What’s a little stubble rash between friends?

Support Tquila in our quest to raise money for Movember and join the fight against prostate cancer

So, it’s almost that time of year again for all you handsome devils to have one last shave before throwing away the razor blades and the shaving foam…

To learn how to trim and shape your MOUStache into something like this    or perhaps this is more your style    

Anything goes!

Whether you are a chap yourself, or perhaps you are of the female variety, you can’t swing a cat around the place without hitting a man now can you? We have husbands, sons, brothers, fathers, uncles, boyfriends, friends and colleagues. In one way or another these boys are very important to us and so you have two choices to help in the fight against prostate cancer:

1)  Join our  (currently) 14 Tquila team members and grow a mo and raise funds for the very worthwhile cause

2)  Put your money where your mouth is and donate some moolah A little or a lot, every little helps

We will be keeping everyone updated with regular pictures of the team’s mo-grow, so stay tuned to our blog and Facebook page and watch out for our tweets @tquiladotcom

So, for the men in our lives… let’s do this!

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