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Life @ Tquila: The video

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In order of appearance: @tquila_wes, @eoin_tquila, @laura_tquila, @sarah_tquila, @tquila_kc, @tquila_becci, @jaysenmoita, @tquila_james & @wendfu!

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The end of Movember is nigh…

A few more thoughts on Movember from Tquila’s team captain, Simon Parker.

Well Movember is nearly at an end – how time flies. It’s been great taking this journey with colleagues, family and friends. Starting from the initial stubble of the first week, moving to the ‘it’s definitely starting to show’ phase and then the inevitable ‘Does it itch?’ and ‘Bet you can’t wait to get rid of it’ of the final week. Doing it as a team at Tquila has provided many a moment of conversations and jokes, as well as giving opportunities to raise the awareness of men’s health and the fantastic work done by the many charities supported through Movember fundraising. It’s also been a bonding activity – we’ve helped each other through the hard times, stood together in the face of (mostly female) colleagues’ ridicule and risen above it, emerging stronger and better for it.

OK, so it’s not like running a marathon, or climbing Mt Kilimanjaro – you just don’t bother shaving your upper lip for 30 days – but it takes commitment and dedication. You have to put up with itching, hairs in your mouth, food, beer and soup getting caught in it – don’t mention the porridge –  and the looks, the stares… but then now and again you catch the eye of a fellow Movember participant across a busy office, stroking their mo, or of a complete stranger on the platform waiting for a train, and with a grin and nod you acknowledge each other with mutual respect and admiration for the commitment – and it makes it all worthwhile.

Will I miss it when it’s gone? – no, not the mo, but I will miss the bond that joined us together for those 30 days. But the memories will remain… along with the stubble in the sink.

Haven’t got round to donating yet? That’s ok! You still have time, you can donate here!

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Meet the Tquila Team: Alfredo Bianco

Meet Alfredo Bianco, Senior Salesforce Consultant. Alfredo joined Tquila in September 2011.

An avid table tennis player he recently dragged many of the team out to play some ping pong and show off his skills!

Here’s what Alfredo has to say about his role at Tquila:

What I do

“I implement business solutions using the platform. Mostly using declarative configuration but I also give myself the chance to ‘get my hands dirty’ and write little bits of Apex code.”

Why I love my job

“It’s incredibly rewarding to help clients bridge the gap between what they explain to you, what the business analyst describes, what marketing advertises and what they really needed from the start. Sometimes this journey leads you through turbulent waters but the final outcome and the clients satisfaction makes it worth it.”

Why I love Tquila

“It’s fun working amongst such smart people and with some great clients. The team come from all around the world with such diverse work and life experiences. It makes you interested in learning more and developing both personally and professionally.”

Want to be part of this? Check out our current roles or send your CV to

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It’s an interesting thing you know, a Mo…

Many of us spend a lot of time and money ensuring that we don’t look like an incredibly hairy animal most of the time. We shave and get haircuts regularly so that we always look our hair-free best. For 20 Tquila team members (and many more men across the globe) this has changed for the past 16 days. They are fighting hard against the urge to whip the razor out and shave off their Mo’s in order to raise money for Movember.

So far the Tquila team have raised an impressive £670! And they still have baby mo’s… Imagine what they can achieve with another two weeks of hair growth!

We still need your help – so please dig deep and give anything you can to support the Tquila team and this great cause. You can donate here!

Here are some of my favourite quotes from three of the team members so far…

Simon Parker – “I was at a client site on Monday, and when I pointed out the mo was for Movember, one lady said ‘Oh, I am glad you’re growing it for Movember, I was starting to get worried about you’ !!

Contrary to popular belief, I’m not after the ’70’s porn star look’ – it’s just the way it grows”.

Dave Hands – “Someone asked me if I was ‘doing that ‘move over’ thing?’. I laughed so much it almost changed the shape of my Mo forever!”.

Steve Aitkin –  “I was asked yesterday to ‘please move my truck as it’s blocking the entrance to the building’ “.

Don’t forget – if you donate to the Tquila Movember team you will be put in the draw to win some Tquila goodies!

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Week 2 in the Tquila-Movember House

We are one week into Movember and so far the Tquila team is growing strong. We have some clear leaders at the moment:

Simon – He’s a pro – we expected no less

Lorenzo – Taking very good care of his Mo – impressive

Olu – Questionable…

In another week’s time there are going to be some very enviable mo’s around, I’m sure of it. Now all they need to do is decide what style they will go for.

Remember, water is to grass what money is to mo’s… The more you give, the faster it grows!

Want to donate? Follow this link and donate to the Tquila team!

Stay tuned for more Movember updates! Follow us @tquiladotcom

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What’s a little stubble rash between friends?

Support Tquila in our quest to raise money for Movember and join the fight against prostate cancer

So, it’s almost that time of year again for all you handsome devils to have one last shave before throwing away the razor blades and the shaving foam…

To learn how to trim and shape your MOUStache into something like this    or perhaps this is more your style    

Anything goes!

Whether you are a chap yourself, or perhaps you are of the female variety, you can’t swing a cat around the place without hitting a man now can you? We have husbands, sons, brothers, fathers, uncles, boyfriends, friends and colleagues. In one way or another these boys are very important to us and so you have two choices to help in the fight against prostate cancer:

1)  Join our  (currently) 14 Tquila team members and grow a mo and raise funds for the very worthwhile cause

2)  Put your money where your mouth is and donate some moolah A little or a lot, every little helps

We will be keeping everyone updated with regular pictures of the team’s mo-grow, so stay tuned to our blog and Facebook page and watch out for our tweets @tquiladotcom

So, for the men in our lives… let’s do this!

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The rise of the Platform

“The Platform is growing.”

For anyone in enterprise development this is an obvious statement, what might not be so obvious is why it’s growing. Or how the heck it’s growing at such a frenetic pace. There are some great, recent articles out there that postulate on this point. “Great vision” they say, or “Great execution”. Of course these things are true, is unique in its sales, marketing, vision and execution putting it leagues ahead of others, but I think that there is a greater factor that eclipses all other points.

If a developer doesn’t care for your platform and platform tools then you won’t have anyone to deliver, a dead-end that many companies have found the hard way. But with the Platform – for the first time in the history of the world (I’m taking liberties) – enterprise software development is cool. And not just a little bit cool either, we’re talking jQuery-Ruby-zomgHowCuteIsThatCat cool.

But don’t take my word for it. Go out there and ask the community, or even better just look at the Apex page on github.

Apex on Github

Apex on Github

69th position might not seem all that good but let’s see where ABAP (SAP-proprietary language) is featured in the list, hmmm. Oh it’s not, what a surprise. The exact ranking is not that important though (it’s was in 70th position 1 week ago so it’s climbing folks!), what is important is that a very young, proprietary programming language has seen wide enough adoption to gain its own category on github at all, and that the open source community is building with it!

Developers drive the state of the Internet, they’re the people who see new trends emerging ahead of others and are typically the early adopters that determine whether a technology makes it to the business-viable stage. The developers of the enterprise world have given the Platform their blessing, a rare and powerful thing, and is now reaping the incredible benefits.

If you’d like get a great overview of the platform capabilities the VP of Dev Relations will be in London next week and he’s talking about the platform at a free public event that you’re all invited to!

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Tquila’s Marketing Rockstars


We all like to think there’s a rockstar hiding in us somewhere. My musical one is very VERY deep down… but my marketing one however…

On Tuesday of this week my colleague and I attended Marketo’s Social Marketing Rockstar Roadshow. Taking place in 15 cities around the globe, delivering social marketing automation strategies, it was everything it promised to be.

Taking an impressively soft-sell approach themselves, Marketo’s presentations consisted of some helpful hints and tips on marketing campaigns and they were not shy of showing us their own (rather impressive) metrics either, which is what we like to see.

The over-arching statement was GO SOCIAL OR GO HOME.  Way ahead of them there, but we won’t hold that against them.

Some of the takeaways of the afternoon we noted were:

  • B2B companies can no longer afford to ignore social media!
  • First step in your social media campaign – ‘Listening’ to what people are already saying about you – B2B buying has changed – prospects use social media to research and educate themselves before engaging with a company – so what is being said about you?
  • Social networks and blogs are now the fourth most popular online category
  • Want to see results? Start measuring your activity! It seems obvious but many of us don’t.
  • The importance of using visuals and video in a campaign. For example a Whitepaper loaded as a PDF got 10,000 hits. The same Whitepaper, edited and uploaded using sharepoint to create a slideshow style video captured the attention of 136,000 people. Wowzers.
  • Not everything you try with social media will work. TEST TEST TEST.

Overall, an afternoon well spent. Though next time I will leave my electric guitar at home…

For more information download The Definitive Guide to B2B Social Media 

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Headed to Dreamforce? Win a limited edition Tquila DFX t-shirt!

Cross-posted from Thoughts from Tquila

Tquila's DFX t-shirt?Our Tquila word cloud t-shirts have been a hit – with our team, clients, partners and even people on the street!

So as I’ve been preparing for Dreamforce, I’ve been thinking about a t-shirt design that our DFX team would love to wear – and that shares the Tquila message. (Hey, I’m a marketer, what did you expect?)

There’s a lot of inspiration – 10 years of Dreamforce, great speakers, loads of exciting announcements on product and platform, and an AMAZING band. And of course, I’m excited about sharing the experience with some of my colleagues!

Taking all this inspiration, we’ve come up with a great new design – a limited edition, once-only t-shirt for the Tquila DFX team and a few of our closest friends.

I’d share more details, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy on the design. All I can say is that it’s very cool, and that I can’t wait to wear it!

Want your very own Tquila DFX t-shirt?
Because I’m a (reasonably) generous sort, I’ve had a few extra t-shirts printed to share with people like you.

If you’d like your own Tquila DFX t-shirt, all you need to do is leave a comment below, or tweet @tquiladotcom with the hashtag #tquilatee – and tell us why you think you deserve one!

Get creative – only the best 3 answers will win!

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Tquila’s test drives

We’ve already blogged about how much we love working with our client H. R. Owen.

One of our consultants – Carmine Barbuto, Technical Consultant and car enthusiast – is even more passionate about working with the UK’s pre-eminent luxury vehicle group.

So when he was invited to take a test drive in Stoke Poges a few months ago, Carmine didn’t just take a test drive. He didn’t just take a few photos.

No, Carmine shot a video!

(And if you think that’s cool, you should see him code!)

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