5 Open source Force.com projects for Admins and Developers

I’ve previously mentioned the growing popularity of Force.com projects on github and I wanted to call out a few that are likely to be interesting to most developers out there.

Infinite Scroll

Infinite scroll has been a popular concept on the web for a while now, and is a neat alternative to pagination in some cases. This Force.com project allows you to add the infinite scroll capability to your Visualforce pages by dropping the required components into your project.


Stratosource is an incredible project that aims to be your one-stop-shop for backup, source control and release management on Force.com.


Milestones is has been around for a good while now and is an incredibly competent project management tool from Force.com Labs.

Find Nearby

Another great application from Force.com Labs, this one (in it’s current form) allows you to find and map Accounts, Contacts and Leads within a certain area.

Automated Testing for Force.com

Getting fully featured Continuous Integration up and running can be complicated. Automated Testing for Force.com gives you many of the features of CI, but in an easy to install and configure package!

If there are any other great open source projects out there that you’ve found useful I’d love to hear about them too.

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12 thoughts on “5 Open source Force.com projects for Admins and Developers

  1. José Luis Almazán says:

    Infinite Scroll –> That’s great, but could be improved. I’m going to propose to the author.

  2. Nice haven’t seen the infinate Scroll before…

  3. Amber Neill says:

    Check out Solenopsis: https://github.com/solenopsis/Solenopsis
    It’s a command line interface for deploying to Salesforce.

  4. It’s on Google Code rather than Github, but I’m constantly surprised by the number of devs I meet who don’t use Apex Lang, which I consider a must for most projects: http://code.google.com/p/apex-lang/

  5. sdfc says:

    preparing for Admin 201 and advance admin…any pdf ?

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