Tech Teardown @ the Salesforce Dev Meetup

Last night I attended the (newly re-named) London Salesforce Developers meetup at the very cool 10Gen offices near Old Street.

For anyone thinking that a developer meet up is a daunting experience which is only for the select elite who will shun the newbies – think again… As a fairly green developer, I found myself getting advice from certified technical architects who were more than willing to help me understand the platform and how I could learn more.

This could only have been done in the friendly vibe that the London salesforce developer group provides – no egos, just loads of cool, like-minded people talking about work they are proud of (along with free beer and pizza).

My highlights were:

  1. Hearing what the community is excited about
    The open panel gave some real insight into what every one is getting excited about after Dreamforce 12. Mobile is very much the talk of the town.

  2. Salesforce Celebrities
    I found myself getting a little starstruck meeting a few of the major Salesforce community celebs, like @Petercoffee and @bob_buzzard, and hearing what they had to say.

  3. Being inspired
    Hearing from the panel that getting into mobile development is not a scary thing got me inspired to go home, fire up Xcode and start going through GitHub for some projects.

If you’re a Salesforce developer – or interested in what it’s all about – I highly recommend coming along to the next one!

See more about the London Salesforce Developers group on

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