The rise of the Platform

“The Platform is growing.”

For anyone in enterprise development this is an obvious statement, what might not be so obvious is why it’s growing. Or how the heck it’s growing at such a frenetic pace. There are some great, recent articles out there that postulate on this point. “Great vision” they say, or “Great execution”. Of course these things are true, is unique in its sales, marketing, vision and execution putting it leagues ahead of others, but I think that there is a greater factor that eclipses all other points.

If a developer doesn’t care for your platform and platform tools then you won’t have anyone to deliver, a dead-end that many companies have found the hard way. But with the Platform – for the first time in the history of the world (I’m taking liberties) – enterprise software development is cool. And not just a little bit cool either, we’re talking jQuery-Ruby-zomgHowCuteIsThatCat cool.

But don’t take my word for it. Go out there and ask the community, or even better just look at the Apex page on github.

Apex on Github

Apex on Github

69th position might not seem all that good but let’s see where ABAP (SAP-proprietary language) is featured in the list, hmmm. Oh it’s not, what a surprise. The exact ranking is not that important though (it’s was in 70th position 1 week ago so it’s climbing folks!), what is important is that a very young, proprietary programming language has seen wide enough adoption to gain its own category on github at all, and that the open source community is building with it!

Developers drive the state of the Internet, they’re the people who see new trends emerging ahead of others and are typically the early adopters that determine whether a technology makes it to the business-viable stage. The developers of the enterprise world have given the Platform their blessing, a rare and powerful thing, and is now reaping the incredible benefits.

If you’d like get a great overview of the platform capabilities the VP of Dev Relations will be in London next week and he’s talking about the platform at a free public event that you’re all invited to!

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5 thoughts on “The rise of the Platform

  1. raygao says:

    Agreed. Apex is pretty powerful. Not need to mess around with JDBC adapter and EJBs. Now, with SF Canvas, the number of mesh-up application will climb even more steadily.

  2. Nice blog entry, Wes. Here’s the link for Apex on GitHub: . See also the Salesforce StackExchange Q&A site (on which everyone writing or reading this blog should be active):

  3. Also, a place for developers to learn more about the platform or to become more involved in the Platform community is to attend a Developer User Group meeting. If your city or area doesn’t have one, start one yourself. It’s amazing how many people are either involve or interested in the platform. Learn more here:

  4. […] previously mentioned the growing popularity of projects on github and I wanted to call out a few that are likely to be interesting to most developers out […]

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