Chatter + GPS = Tquila Loco for iPhone

Here at Tquila Labs we have a few brand-spanking new mobile apps that we’re showing off, let me whet your appetite by telling you about Tquila Loco for iPhone.

Our team has built an incredible location-based app that lets you check into your Salesforce Accounts, Contacts or Opportunities using Chatter and your iPhone’s GPS – think of it as foursquare for Chatter. We’ve thrown some gamification into the mix too taking user adoption to a nearly addictive level!

Internally we’ve been using the app with enormous success. We have people working all around Europe and now it’s easier than ever for them to know who’s nearby, often letting them draw on the skills and connections of one another. What does this mean for the bigger picture? Sales close quicker and our network of knowledge is better lubricated, business couldn’t be better!

If you’re in or around London and would like a demo just let me know.

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