Tquila’s Marketing Rockstars


We all like to think there’s a rockstar hiding in us somewhere. My musical one is very VERY deep down… but my marketing one however…

On Tuesday of this week my colleague and I attended Marketo’s Social Marketing Rockstar Roadshow. Taking place in 15 cities around the globe, delivering social marketing automation strategies, it was everything it promised to be.

Taking an impressively soft-sell approach themselves, Marketo’s presentations consisted of some helpful hints and tips on marketing campaigns and they were not shy of showing us their own (rather impressive) metrics either, which is what we like to see.

The over-arching statement was GO SOCIAL OR GO HOME.  Way ahead of them there, but we won’t hold that against them.

Some of the takeaways of the afternoon we noted were:

  • B2B companies can no longer afford to ignore social media!
  • First step in your social media campaign – ‘Listening’ to what people are already saying about you – B2B buying has changed – prospects use social media to research and educate themselves before engaging with a company – so what is being said about you?
  • Social networks and blogs are now the fourth most popular online category
  • Want to see results? Start measuring your activity! It seems obvious but many of us don’t.
  • The importance of using visuals and video in a campaign. For example a Whitepaper loaded as a PDF got 10,000 hits. The same Whitepaper, edited and uploaded using sharepoint to create a slideshow style video captured the attention of 136,000 people. Wowzers.
  • Not everything you try with social media will work. TEST TEST TEST.

Overall, an afternoon well spent. Though next time I will leave my electric guitar at home…

For more information download The Definitive Guide to B2B Social Media 

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