The All New AppExchange


The AppExchange launched in 2005 as the “iTunes of Business Apps” on the platform, and after a slow start has enjoyed a geometrically increasing amount of popularity. This is not only evident in the number of providers and apps, but also in the number of apps installed – over a million app installs last year and around 1.5 million so far this year.

More recently has refreshed the AppExchange and we at Tquila believe a number of the changes will bolster’s position as a market leader. A few important changes that we’ve noticed are:

  1. An emphasis on images as is the ever-growing trend on most of the internet. A picture is worth a thousands words and is incredibly engaging so make sure that you’ve got a great logo and your images are top-notch.
  2. Social media sharing is more obvious.
  3. The site design has been brought up-to-date giving clients more confidence that your cutting edge solution really is cutting edge!
  4. More categories and search options but not so many that they’re overwhelming.
  5. It looks awesome on mobile devices!

These are some of our favourite features, what are some of yours?

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