Headed to Dreamforce? Win a limited edition Tquila DFX t-shirt!

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Tquila's DFX t-shirt?Our Tquila word cloud t-shirts have been a hit – with our team, clients, partners and even people on the street!

So as I’ve been preparing for Dreamforce, I’ve been thinking about a t-shirt design that our DFX team would love to wear – and that shares the Tquila message. (Hey, I’m a marketer, what did you expect?)

There’s a lot of inspiration – 10 years of Dreamforce, great speakers, loads of exciting announcements on product and platform, and an AMAZING band. And of course, I’m excited about sharing the experience with some of my colleagues!

Taking all this inspiration, we’ve come up with a great new design – a limited edition, once-only t-shirt for the Tquila DFX team and a few of our closest friends.

I’d share more details, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy on the design. All I can say is that it’s very cool, and that I can’t wait to wear it!

Want your very own Tquila DFX t-shirt?
Because I’m a (reasonably) generous sort, I’ve had a few extra t-shirts printed to share with people like you.

If you’d like your own Tquila DFX t-shirt, all you need to do is leave a comment below, or tweet @tquiladotcom with the hashtag #tquilatee – and tell us why you think you deserve one!

Get creative – only the best 3 answers will win!

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7 thoughts on “Headed to Dreamforce? Win a limited edition Tquila DFX t-shirt!

  1. mgmeinert says:

    I deserve one because this year is my first Dreamforce!

  2. I like the Visualforce no Ajax code animation for a command button. How cool is that!!

  3. Low budget so cannot go but I am dreaming about Dreamforce …. will see you online!!

  4. Mine too @mgmeinert! I think we definitely deserve Tquila shirts!!

  5. Kevin Snell says:

    I’d love a t-shirt! First time to Dreamforce all the way from the UK so would love a reminder to take back and make my colleagues jealous. #tquilatee.

  6. Kevin Snell says:

    Would love a t-shirt. First time to Dreamforce from the UK and would love something to take back and make my colleagues jealous!!!

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