Tquila + Media = Like

Last night we headed to the Groucho Club with some of the salesforce.com team and key people in the media & communications industry.

Having recently launched our Media & Communications practice, we wanted to spend some time understanding the challenges of clients in the industry.

It was a unique opportunity for key media players to discuss their most pressing challenges, and share their successes.

Kicked off by powerful presentations from salesforce.com clients IDG Communications, GSMA and Cision, the conversation centred around the way that technology – and salesforce.com in particular – enabled companies to overcome pain points. It was a great opportunity for

Four common themes resonated strongly with us:

  • The time is now
    The industry is moving very quickly. Delaying decisions have a significant impact on revenue. Stakeholders value quick results – which means working with partners who embrace speed and agility.

  • Look for a solution, not a product
    Multiple, unconnected products don’t meet the need anymore. Solving current and future pain points takes centre stage. As such, it’s critical to select the right platform and technology – which includes accommodating future growth.

  • ROI is king
    Proving – and maximising – ROI on your investment in CRM is becoming increasingly important. To be truly successful, think beyond the traditional boundaries of CRM and embrace opportunities for collaboration and communication across your organisation.

  • Working with the right people is key
    Stakeholders want to engage with partners who understand their business, and who bring more than just a standard approach to the table. Partners who offer a diversity of experience and skills deliver superior results.

The evolution of the Media & Communications industry is set to continue apace. We’ve started the conversation – join in!

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