Clients + Super cars = Like

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Clients + Super cars = LikeWe’re passionate about what we do – and we’re fortunate enough to have partners and clients that we love working with.

But even the hardest-working team needs to have some fun – and being a social kind of company, we love nothing more than sharing the fun with our clients and partners.

Last night, thanks to our very generous client H. R. Owen, we treated some of our partners and clients to a fantastic evening of steak and super cars.

But it wasn’t all play. There were some tough decisions to be made – like whether to test drive the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera or the Ferrari 458 Italia.

Love super cars as much as we do? Check out our test drive photo album on Facebook!

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4 thoughts on “Clients + Super cars = Like

  1. Wes says:

    Sooooo sad that I missed this!

  2. Raymond Gao says:

    simply awesome. I would love to test drive one of those babies. :-Q

  3. Any porsche? My favourite is for the classic speedster but I’d settle for a 911

  4. […] test drives We’ve already blogged about how much we love working with our client H. R. […]

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