Cloudforce: Redefining… well, everything, really!

Mark Wakelin, Tquila's COOThoughts on Cloudforce London 2012 from Tquila’s COO, Mark Wakelin.

Salesforce has not only redefined the Enterprise Software industry but they’ve redefined the Technology Trade show.

I don’t know which was harder, to be honest.

Cloudforce London on May 22 was incredible. There are so many words I could use to describe this awesome day but that would just be poetry. Let’s stick to the facts!

  • 15,000 people registered! The keynote which had spaces for thousands was so over-subscribed that people that to be held back.

  • The customer success stories showed inspired use of technology to deliver remarkable business value in unheard of time frames.

  • The drama was awesome. The music was so loud my mum even called me to ask if I could turn it down!

  • The expo and campground was a “smorgasbord” of technological delights from a partner eco-system offering add-ins, plug-ons, pull throughs and gizmos galore.

Why did this technology show become so much fun? It’s simple: because everybody wants to be there! They enjoy using the solution, sharing stories and understanding the future direction of Salesforce and applying these advancements to their business.

Then of course there’s Sassy and… the other one. Sassy knows she has my heart. DFX next – get ready!

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One thought on “Cloudforce: Redefining… well, everything, really!

  1. The only thing I can liken it to was the energy of the shows in the heyday of the 16 bit home computer boom…

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