Cloudforce London: An Amazing Event

Ruskin Kerslake, Director of Engagement @ TquilaThoughts on Cloudforce London 2012 from Ruskin Kerslake, Tquila’s Director of Engagement.

Having been in the technology space for more years than I wish to mention, I am continually amazed by the events held by It is so refreshing to attend an event that allows prospects to talk with customers to truly understand their experiences working and their partners.

This year saw The Social Enterprise message being reinforced. However, it was clear to see how this message has now transitioned into real life examples. As the Engagement Director for Tquila I speak with a lot of companies that now understand the impact social media can have on their business, both good and bad. They understand that they can no longer ignore social and need to be able to adapt both their sales, support and marketing processes to take this into consideration.

Speaking with our customers after the keynote (great job George) it was evident that they want to engage further both with us and to enable their businesses to be become part of the social enterprise. Also, it was great to hear from so many of them that first purchased Salesforce to address more traditional requirements such as sales, service and marketing but are now looking to utilise the power of the platform to enable other areas of their business. It’s the platform amongst other things that really sets the solutions apart from others in the market.

For me personally, it is incredibly exciting to be involved with such an innovative company that’s creating and addressing clients requirements that other technology companies haven’t even thought of yet. Also, it was great to see so much Tquila orange all around, what a difference a year makes.

A great day, a great event, a great company to work with. Roll on Dreamforce 2012.

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