Being Social is Savvy!

This week, I am in London and attended one of the biggest cloud computing trade shows in Europe. Over 15,000 attendees gathered at the ICC EXCEL center for a fun-packed one day event. During the keynote presentation, we heard success stories from:

  1. Burberry – one of the premier luxury goods providers in the world,
  2. O2 – a leading telecommunication company,
  3. Spotify – one of the hottest social music experience sits that had won kudos and investments from Sean Parker,
  4. Kimberly Clark – a giant American conglomerate and the maker of many brands of consumer goods,
  5. HP – The grand-daddy of startup in California. All other companies, i.e. Apple, Sun, Oracle, came after it.
  6. Toyota – World’s largest auto manufacturer.

What do they have in common? Two things.

  1. They are believers in Social Enterprise;
  2. They are transforming their business processes to leverage the power of cloud computing / SaaS solutions.

Of course, they are all using Salesforce technologies as well.

In only one year, the attendance at CloudForce/ClouStock @ London doubled from 7,000 to 15,000. That’s a 100% growth rate, liking to a hockey stick!

If you are a sport lover like me, you probably have heard Wayne Gretzky said: “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”

Yes, move yourself to where the action will be at and make a goal.

It is pretty clear that, acting social and agile, will be cornerstones for the upcoming projects.

Being Social lets project owners and developers clearly projecting purposes and benefits of what they will be doing or currently working on. If you are investing a considerable amount of your time on a project, being passionate probably improves the odds of achieving success. Agile is just another way of saying that, I am a good listener to what my users are saying. I will take their interests in heart to build wonderful things.

I have been in IT world close to 18 years. RAD language, i.e. ROR, Django, Groovy are hot technologies right now. And, functional languages, i.e. Clojure, Scala, F#, are beginning to emerge. While their programming paradigms are quite different, the common need for efficient communication and clear thought process, similar to how people communicate in the real world, will drive further innovation. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if we can develop new methods / approaches to building applications and engaging users from day one? Clearly explaining application features and benefits thorough social venues, i.e. Chatter, Twitter, Facebook, and hearing users’ feedbacks will be trump cards for success. Wouldn’t it be nice to see programming frameworks and languages that plug directly into the Social Enterprise directly?

6 great examples for Social Enterprise in one action-packed day. Being Social is Savvy!

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