Cloudforce London: A marketer’s perspective

The Tquila team making new friendsWith barely time to get my feet under my desk, Cloudforce & Cloudstock were an incredible way to kick off my role @ Tquila!

Marketers are coming to realise that going social is much more than just maintaining a Facebook page or Twitter presence.

Becoming social is about listening, engaging and responding to both internal and external audiences. As a marketer, this is great – means better access to more information, and a clearer perspective on what’s going in with your clients, prospects and colleagues!

What impressed me most at Cloudforce London? Here’s my top 4:

  1. The keynote
  2. Enough said, really. Missed out on seeing it in person? Check out the videos on’s Facebook page.

  3. Using Radian 6 @ the Tquila booth
  4. I’ve been dying to get my hands on Radian6 for a while now – so using it on our booth was a real winner!

    Thanks to a quick tutorial from a product expert, we were up & running in minutes, showing live streams for #tquila, #cloudforce & #cloudstock on one of our booth monitors.

  5. Cloudstock
  6. Sure, I’m a marketer – but I love working with smart developers, too. Cloudstock was crammed with the best & brightest technical minds – and loads of them dropped by the Tquila hackspace for a chat and some jellybeans.

  7. Orange!
  8. You could barely take a step without seeing something orange, whether it was your coffee cup, the jellybeans, or speaking about what the Tquila team do best.

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One thought on “Cloudforce London: A marketer’s perspective

  1. Jason Boies says:

    Glad to hear we are generating tons of positive buzz over there, Laura. Also good to see you got a chance to give the platform a whirl. In a perfect world, everyone would get an opportunity to play with such an awesome product. šŸ™‚


    Jason Boies
    Radian6 Community Team

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