Cloudforce & Cloudstock: It’s a Social Revolution!

Steve Aitken, Tquila's Managing ConsultantManaging Consultant Steve Aitken gives his take on Cloudforce & Cloudstock London.

It’s a Social Revolution!

The social enterprise was again the resounding message at Cloudforce London on Tuesday! Although George Hu’s keynote didn’t ring to the sound of new merger & acquisition activity, or step change enhancements, it was comforting to see that continues to boldly drive the Social Enterprise into the mainstream. is certainly putting its money where its mouth is when it comes to the social enterprise and continuing to heavily invest in social features such as Chatter messaging, screen sharing and continual enhancements to the social platform.

There are early forays into gamification for performance reviews using Salesforce Rypple. The demos showed Rypple more tightly coupled with chatter and Salesforce than I have ever seen previously! It looks as though this has really taken shape over the past few months.

Radian6 is definitely attracting interest with several existing customers not just “kicking the tires” around Radian6 but asking to see under the hood. There is some serious interest in this product as customers see the value it provides in cultivating leads, monitoring their brand and servicing their customers (amongst many more).

Throughout the keynote and breakout sessions the “social front office” was alluded to over and over again. It appears that is softening its tone on SAP and accepting that in larger enterprises SAP is there to stay (in the short term anyway)… but only in the back office. This appears to be a strategic move to open up a larger enterprise market. If can get a foot in the door then it can chip away at the old guard, demonstrating it’s ease of configuration and rapid deployment, scalability etc. What’s more, it helps to position chatter as the social glue to bind the offerings together. truly lives their message that “we’re living in a post PC Revolution” with its beta release and continual investment in Touch, it’s HTML 5 mobile solution. Watch this space!

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