Things I take from Cloudforce London…

Stormy!A perspective on Cloudforce & Cloudstock London from Consultant Andrés Villena

Success Stories & Keynote
They just keep getting better and better!

What is now more than clear is that the social enterprise message is here to stay, and in are really serious about it! I like how they made the stories flow around the theme, and rather than focusing on product features, they focused on the best they have to offer: Satisfied consumers for their satisfied clients (with a few very cool demonstrations on very cool features, I must say).

Doubling the numbers
Impressive! The community keeps growing in Europe, and that is great news! It has been great to spend time with some of the 15000 attendees and hear from them about their challenges, their successes and their innovative ideas! Looking forward to working in detail with a few of them soon!

Cutting edge break-out sessions (well done Vincent)
I only had the chance to go see Vincent Spehner present FormStorm to the world, and what a great presentation he did. I managed to speak with a few of the people who attended, and one thing is obvious: he created some interest around the product. I can’t wait to see it “on the shelf” very soon and start using it with clients!! Awesome!

A storm trooper!
That was so much fun! Tquila sponsored a “Storm Trooper” to spend time in our hacking desk @ Cloudstock. And it definitely managed to attract some attention!

I am really looking forward to Dreamforce 2012 and Cloudforce London 2013!

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2 thoughts on “Things I take from Cloudforce London…

  1. It was a fantastic event – the emphasis on internal social networks and employee engagement was fantastic, as were the break-out sessions on Chatter. Lots of great stuff.

  2. raygao says:

    Fantastic outfit!

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