Press Release: Tquila Achieves Platinum Partner Status, Continues Rapid Expansion in Europe

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Tquila: Live Social | Work SocialTquila (, a European partner dedicated to building Social and Mobile Cloud Computing applications, has joined an exclusive club after being awarded Platinum Partner status as part of the Salesforce Cloud Alliance Program. The fastest partner to reach this status in Europe, the company is also a key sponsor of Cloudforce London this week – one of the largest Cloud Computing events in the world, with over 15,000 registered attendees.

Just over a year old and with ambitions to become the European partner of choice for forward-thinking enterprises, Tquila’s new Platinum Partner status signifies deep confidence in both its commitment to excellence and Salesforce certification, and also its status as a disruptor and innovator in the cloud applications space.

“We may be the ‘new kid on the block’, but Tquila is defining what it means to provide transformative, inherently social enterprise applications in the cloud,” says Tquila CEO, Paul Andrew. “We’re passionate about developing innovative, social and mobile applications that engage users, enhance collaboration and drive adoption.”

“The social landscape is constantly changing. People are now accustomed to beautiful, usable, powerful applications in their personal lives,” adds Andrew. “The next generation of Fortune 500 companies will be those who adapt to take advantage of such applications and changing expectations, and who embrace the socialisation of workflow in the cloud.”

Cutting-edge technology and deep expertise is critical to Tquila’s approach. The company employs platforms like and Heroku to develop full-featured applications that enable businesses to listen, engage, and respond to their customers and colleagues faster, better and with more insight. At the heart of the company’s commitment to innovation is Tquila Labs, a hand-picked team of the industry’s leading lights, dedicated to exploring new ways of creating value using Salesforce technologies, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Tquila’s rapid, pan-European expansion has taken the industry by storm. With employees based in the UK, Germany and France, the company continues to execute on its aggressive hiring plan. On track to exceed 100 architects, developers and consultants during its initial 24 months, Tquila will continue its planned expansion into other high-growth markets.

“We closed a round of funding in the second half of 2011 to accelerate our rapid growth and expansion, and open additional offices in Europe,” says Andrew. “The demand for a new generation of Enterprise applications, and a new style of consulting to deliver them is clear. We are experiencing a surging appetite for our services throughout Europe and beyond, and are limited only by our ability to continue to hire high-calibre, smart and passionate people at a rate that matches our growth.”


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