We’re Platinum Sponsors @ Cloudforce London 2012!

Tquila + Cloudforce + Cloudstock = Like!We’ve been talking about Cloudforce London a lot recently.

You’d hardly expect less of a salesforce.com Platinum Partner – but this year we’re particularly excited, because we’re also a Platinum Sponsor!

This is great news for our team – but it’s not a bad deal for you as an attendee, either.

How? Well, here are 3 great reasons:

  1. You’ll be able to find us easily
  2. Firstly, we’ll be even harder to miss than usual. Sure, our team will be fairly visible in their bright orange shirts – but our booth in the Platinum Sponsor area means we’re really easy to find.

    When you need a break from the hustle and bustle, drop by our booth! Have a chat with our team about your dream projects, grab some jellybeans to keep you going, or enter our draw to win a Macbook Air!

  3. You’ll have the chance to hear a great speaker
  4. Secondly, as a Platinum Sponsor, we also have the chance to share a great client story with you. From 12:00 – 12:20, Ed Smiley-Jones from Fuel will speak about The Power of Uniting Data & Creativity.

    Ed’s presentation offers a lot of food for thought for marketers and salespeople – and for anyone who wants to understand what drives them!

  5. You’ll get to meet lots of our team
  6. And our third reason – to celebrate our Platinum Partnership and Platinum Sponsorship, we’re bringing more of our team to Cloudforce London than ever before!

    If you want to find out what it’s like to work with or at Tquila, this is a great opportunity – you’ll have plenty of people on hand to ask. And thanks to our distinctive orange shirts, you won’t struggle to pick us out in a crowd!

We look forward to meeting you on Tuesday! Don’t forget to include #cloudforce and #tquila in your tweets!

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