Bravo Google. Bravo.

I’m an Apple kinda guy but I’ve got nothing against Android and it’s ecosystem, I just like Apple because it’s the best that’s available (mini-flame). I (usually) love Google products though and I’m awestruck by two of their most recent offerings.

Google Currents

My CEO told me I’m fickle [about technology] the other day, and I responded with, “That’s part of my job!”. We were kidding of course, innovation requires a degree of short-attention-span but loyalty to game-changing products and platforms is just as important.

Google Currents (previously project Propellor) is Google’s personal magazine for mobiles and tablets. It lacks the lovely flip effect of Flipboard and I’m still waiting for it to add my social streams but as a reader it eclipses Flipboard and others. I find that the article rendering is more intelligent and the discovery mechanism when looking for new content is a smooth process. There’s also the option to sync articles for offline access (!) but this is still in its infancy.

All-in-all it’s a young product but one that’s good enough for me stop using all those that I was previously using.

Google Drive

It finally landed, and what a furor it created! Not only does the free tier offer more storage than Dropbox – which I consider best of breed – but the additional storage is dirt cheap. There are still some gaps such as it’s still being rolled out across the Google Apps domains but the tool is impressive! They’ve gone with what works ala Dropbox in terms of desktop clients and I’m loving the offline storage for Google Docs – all they need is the ability to edit said docs and the competition will be blown away.

I think Google has a hit with both products and I’m sure they’re strategic tools in guiding adoption of Google+ which is a great platform but lacks the volume of users and content that makes Facebook great. Personally I’m cheering Google+ on as are others and I think that given time it’ll reach the important tipping point, especially when you consider it’s already at 170 million users with approximately 23 million of those being classed as “active” by Comscore.

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