Tquila and the first ever jQuery conference in the UK

WOW! Yes, that’s what I’m starting with. It was that good.

Last Friday Laurent and I spoke at Said Business School in Oxford at a conference of just 350 or so people. I’m not going to drop any names here (Todd Parker, Paul IrishJörn ZaeffererDion Almaer and Ben Galbraith to not name a few) but WhiteOctober did a great job of lining up some of the most recognised leaders in frontend web development – yep, we’re talking world-wide here!

A primary difference I noticed at this event was the lack of representation by companies who either consult or build products in large enterprise environments. In fact, we were the only ones! I do not find this surprising but I am encouraged by this as it means that Tquila is almost certainly the innovative leader in the enterprise application development space – something our clients often say but it’s great to be validated in other ways!

I’m still waiting to get word of when the videos will be up but in the meantime see below for the slides of both Tquila talks.

By the way Laurent delivered a sterling lecture – especially when you consider he’d been traveling for 30+ hours and arriving 30 minutes before his talk!

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