Gmail to Salesforce Integration with Cirrus Insight

Q. Does Salesforce integrate with Gmail? (For answer please see end of article)

If you are a Salesforce Administrator for your company and your organisation uses Gmail you should be interested in this.  If you’re a Salesforce consultant then this is something you should know about, customers will ask for this.

Cirrus Insight (Beta)

Cirrus Insight provides Gmail to Salesforce integration by delivering a contextual sidebar beside your email for viewing Salesforce CRM details and for logging emails, tasks, leads and contacts.

How does Insight work?

Cirrus Insight is installed as browser extension available for Firefox and Chrome.  Once installed and viewing an email you will need to authenticate your Salesforce log in with the plug in.  Authentication is straightforward for the user and the communication is secure.  Your log in details are never passed to or stored by Cirrus you only permit the application access to your data.

What can Insight do?

Once setup opening an email from a Salesforce Contact will load that contacts details to the right of the email with a very Salesforce-esque feel letting you know where the information has come from.  If a Contact or Lead cannot be found in Salesforce you can create them directly from the email with a few clicks.

Example of Cirrus Insight

Example Screenshot of Cirrus Insight working within Gmail

The details displayed in the sidebar pulled from Salesforce include related Activities, Opportunities and Cases along with the option to log a new task or event.  All controls provide a surprisingly direct response, no loading between screens and no screen refreshes anywhere.  As well as the sidebar is a small orange button that allows the email to be logged as an activity against the Contact, if opportunities or cases are related to the contact then with just one more click your email is linked to the relevant record.

There are no sync options for sending all your mail to Salesforce but the one or two click method works well and means your personal emails from the husband/wife/partner/significant other don’t end up shared with your entire sales team.

One feature missing is Chatter.  The ability to view and interact with the records Chatter feed would really add value.  As the product is still in beta I will sit tight and cross my fingers and hope this will be coming in version 1.

How much does it cost?

This is where the questions will come.  Cirrus Insight is currently being offered for free, but only while the product is in beta.  Cirrus share on their website that their licencing model will be per user but no hint as to how much we will have to hand over per user.  The good news is that a free version will be offered with limited features this may be good enough for many.


Cirrus Insight provides a useful yet subtle method for opening your Inbox to Salesforce.  The design fits nicely together your mail, not intruding or slowing anything down.  After using the product lightly for a few days I found myself logging emails habitually and referencing the details pulled from Salesforce routinely.

Q. Does Salesforce integrate with Gmail? A. Yes.

Install Cirrus Insight here…

2 thoughts on “Gmail to Salesforce Integration with Cirrus Insight

  1. Ryan says:

    Thanks for the shout-out Andy! Glad you’re enjoying the app. Pricing will be out soon and Chatter’s on the roadmap.

  2. cloudgal5 says:

    There’s also a new Salesforce-Gmail Intelligence Tool out called The Scoop Composer. It’s really flexible, great for productivity, and it’s smart and secure.

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