Gamification – The Revolution of Work Culture

This thoughtful piece on Gamification was written by one of our excellent consultants at Tquila, namely Benson.

Gamification is the integration of game play mechanics into non-game applications. It is not the conversion of a non-game application into a game but it is a methodology to influence user’s motivation. This technique can encourage people to perform better in their work environment by transforming tasks that may be usually considered plain or boring into interesting game elements.

Why Gamification?

We understand that business is serious work so we assure you once again that Gamification is not the conversion process of your business into a game but rather making a few changes to your business workflow to motivate your employees. Think about employees who have an appetite for achievement and pursue team goals without the manager having to force them to do the same.

In the past few decades we have seen drastic changes in the technology realm, for example the evolution of devices like the radio whose latest avatar is an iPod. We don’t have to list every technology that has evolved – we are in the age of Blue-rays, Plasma, XBox, and GPS. One more evolution which is evident and noteworthy is the employee mindset – yes this is the age of the ‘Gaming Generation’.

Today our offices are filled with MacBooks, iPads and blue-tooth devices. Our technologies are so advanced that we have communication, collaboration and computing solutions on the same platform delivered through any device. Most of us have started our technology journeys by playing Sudoku or some other simple game on our mobile phones. The concept is simple, our mindset about entertainment has evolved parallel to the evolution of technologies we use. Even most of the technologies which we use in our daily lives for collaboration like social media, include game elements which motivate us to engage in those technologies more often. Rating stars, Like buttons, share buttons, Klout ratings, the latest +1 buttons from google and even Google’s news badges are game elements which makes a knowledge worker more interested in his work activity.

Having said all these things, think about a unique collaboration platform which makes work activities more interesting in your enterprise.

We have all dreamt of the feeling you get when you score the winning goal if you are playing for a Top EPL club like Man Utd. Imagine how would it feel assist your team mate score from a winger’s perspective. How would it feel like to be a manager, watching your team collaborate and play to achieve a common goal. Even if you have not been there, this could be exciting and inspiring even when you are watching the game on TV. We are, of course, talking about your enterprise which could collaborate and communicate and perform this way. Every employee inspired and motivated by each other with less stress and more productivity.

Seamless workflow and real-time collaboration using Salesforce

Salesforce implemented in your enterprise is the perfect solution for all your collaboration needs. Salesforce Chatter, the collaboration tool from gives your organisation the capability of leveraging the social aspects of your staff by motivating them to collaborate the fun way. The very interactive features of chatter like User profiles, Groups, Feed monitoring and File sharing allows your users to reduce meeting times and focus on productivity. The recommendations feature helps your employees to follow the right people to get the relevant and accurate information. You could reduce tension and avoid panic by extending chatter even to your employee’s mobile devices. Use analytics for quicker decision making and do even much more.

Success means…

If you are a person who has seen the ins and outs of the business by now you may have a question. Does Gamification really work? Let us be honest with you, when you introduce game dynamics into your enterprise it comes with a warning tag. Amateur implementation of game dynamics over your enterprise could be disastrous. Gamification has to be implemented by using thorough business analysis and by employing comprehensive solutions to leverage every social aspect of the work environment. Hera at Tquila we have Europe’s best architects who understand your business and have in-depth knowledge and understanding about the cutting edge cloud and social enterprise technologies. Delivering unsurpassed and robust solutions that provide real time results to business and employees is our passion.

If you desire a better workflow by implementing our comprehensive yet simple business solution; if you want a cheaper and faster solution for your enterprise; there is only one way of achieving this and now you know what that is!

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