First Ever UK Administrator & Developer Meetup

ObiWan JeffNobi

It took some time but finally the pieces have dropped into place and we’re ready for our first ever UK developer and administrator meetup. This first time around it’s going to be fairly casual, the reason is that I had to make it happen quickly because the esteemed Jeff Douglas will be in town and was itching to meet you all!

The agenda is yet to be confirmed, as of now there will be a few short talks followed by much networking (read beer & munchies). If you’d like to be one of the speakers (talks will be 5 – 15 minutes) please let me know and I’ll get in touch.

This first meetup is entirely sponsored by Tquila so I’ll be expecting a few high-5s in return on the day.

The details are:

19:00 on 23 June 2011

@ King Stores (Just outside Liverpool Street Station). Details & Directions

So if you’re a Developer or Admin, and would like to shake the hand of Jeff Douglas and get your copy of the Salesforce Handbook autographed that’s the place to be! If you are planning on attending please give us your name here as space is limited.

We are also going to have a more formal meetup at the SkillMatter offices on 2 August. This one will be sponsored by Anup Jadhav and I will be giving a talk titled “Team Development Strategies and Tools on the Platform“. Hope to see you there!

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3 thoughts on “First Ever UK Administrator & Developer Meetup

  1. Looking forward to it, I’m sure JD will love this picture 🙂

  2. Jeff Douglas says:

    We’ll be there! Can’t wait.

  3. Michael Gill says:

    Looking forward to it!

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