Cloud App of the Week: SlideRocket

Imagine Apple and Google had a baby, and that baby studied software development under Neo – later marrying Picaso. And then they had a baby who really, really liked presenting using slideshows and so built her own cloud-based application because no one else had. Well that’s what you get from SlideRocket.

Presentations never looked so good.

Elegance is not a word often associated with slide creation applications but in this case it is apt. Sure you can import your Powerpoint presentations, and of course all of your slides are accessible anywhere, from any computer 24-7. But did you expect:

  • Slide creation in any browser in the slickest interface I’ve seen in ages.
  • Slide templates that make Powerpoint presentations look like cave drawings.
  • Collaborative slide deck creation.
  • Sharing that ensures everyone “has” the most up-to-date version without requiring any extra software.
  • Real-time data integration such at Twitter feeds. Yes that’s right, real-time data scrolling in your slides.
  • In-app questionnaires and polls.
  • In-app analytics so that you can check details such as slide dwell time and who viewed the complete deck.
  • Viewable on any HTML5 compliant device.
Together these features make for a feature-rich, beautiful product that shifts the presentation paradigm from that of demonstration to one of interaction and engagement.
You can sign-up for a cut-down version here, or check out the demos here.
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