The Tquila Ethos

Working as Technical Lead of Cloud Computing at the Telegraph Media Group gave me ample opportunity to sit across the table from and Platform consultancies. I found that the best players were those with their roots in the US market but I realised that their approach to entering the UK market was very much ‘Toe in the water’.

Growth in SFDC resource demand in London. Up nearly 100% in 1 year!

In Tquila I saw an opportunity to throw ourselves wholeheartedly into the rapidly expanding UK and Platform market, and even at this early stage that’s exactly what we’re doing.

As an example, at my previous companies if I were I going to market for a consulting partner I’d always score them against the following bullet points:

  1. Technical expertise – The team must have ample experience otherwise why would I trust them with my business.
  2. Technical locality – You need to have at least a handful of very skilled people that I can meet with in person and/or that can be coordinated internally.
  3. Technical scalability – Yes I’m glad you have teams and know-how in the US, India etc and I’m sure that you’re scalable but when push comes to shove do you have sufficient people in the UK to govern those abroad (see point 2).
  4. Managerial ability – I need to know that your management has at least some technical ability, background and/or passion and that they’re really in touch with Cloud Computing technology – not just dropping buzzwords like synergy, fusion, SCRUM, Agile etc.
  5. Cost effectiveness – I get it, resource is expensive and you’re good at what you do, but just because you can charge a packet doesn’t mean you should – it just looks down right greedy. That’s not to say I won’t pay a premium amount for a premium service but I don’t want to be ripped off.
  6. Team Cohesion – It makes me feel warm and fuzzy knowing that your team really is a team and not just a few contractors that you string together when necessary.
  7. Honesty – If you’ve ever gone out to RFP or RFQ you’ll know the range of responses you get in terms of quoted timelines and costs. I don’t mind paying more initially especially if it’s going to cost less, or be the more intelligent design in the long run.
  8. Innovation – There is a time and place for innovation, and even if I don’t think the more innovative route is something I can chew off right now I feel that I need to be informed. If you’re using slide templates from the 1997 and are pitching the Private Cloud to me then I would think your ability to innovate is zero.

This list could go on but these are the core facets that I feel every consultancy should have and if they don’t then I wouldn’t feel comfortable letting them work on my precious business systems.

Some friendly faces from our team. The others were too shy or good-looking to allow me to have photos of them.

Obviously what I’m driving at here is that I’ve seen these holes across the board and at Tquila we hit every one of these nails on the head. We have a real team of power hitters ( of course:), technology is our first love and we like nothing better than using it to help people’s businesses work better.

Fun fact: We have people from every continent except Antarctica on our team!

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