MVP Program

Salesforce has recently kicked off their MVP program in a number key areas, the most recent of these was the MVP program. Myself and 8 of my esteemed peers were elected in the inaugural class, which is an incredible honour when considering the achievements of rest of the crew. These are people whose names are pasted all across the developer boards, publish amazing content in their blogs and/or contribute amazing open source software to the community. Salesforce themselves has this to say about those granted the MVP title:

The MVP Program recognizes outstanding contributors and technological leaders in the cloud platform ecosystems. These MVPs are being called out for willingly sharing their expertise with others, demonstrating stewardship of the community in which they play an integral part, advancing the community body of knowledge and strengthening the developer network.

To this end I’d like to salute each.

Abhinav Gupta – Java legend with amazing contributions through his blog and open source projects.

Jason Ouellette – Appirio Chief Architect and author of Development with the Platform.

Jeff Douglas – Half man, half machine and half white tiger he’s written books, is a prominent blogger, contributed to multiple open source projects and saves kittens from burning buildings.

Joel Dietz – Boy genius has his finger in many pies always working at the bleeding edge of the technology curve. An entrepreneur and blogger his community involvement is as broad as it is deep.

Mike Leach – Reading Mike’s blog you can instantly tell he’s got a huge amount of experience under his belt. I’ve used a number of his architectural patterns in my professional projects.

Muhammad Imran Ahmed – Selfless in his devotion to the developer boards.

Richard Vanhook – Another genius who’s famous for his open source Apex library Apex-Lang. Look out for a number of his suggested design patterns documented in his blog.

Tim Inman – An already whose name is peppered throughout the community and whose blog has many indispensable tips and tricks.

Wes Nolte – I’ve recently joined Tquila as their principal architect. I’ve have won a few awards and written a book with Jeff Douglas. I’m also quite fond of the developer boards and blog quite a bit. themselves choose some of those they think deserve the MVP title but they’re also looking to the community to nominate those that you think are doing an excellent job.

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One thought on “ MVP Program

  1. Thanks & Salutes to you Wes to all incredible work you have done. I’m honored to part of this league !

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